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I realized that maintaining a blog requires a lot of effort, mostly because the expectations are very high. I can't publish half-baked articles, nor short notes. Moreover, a blog should construct a persona of myself. That is why I blog about Python on Python for the Lab , and about more professional topics on Aquicarattino .

However, sometimes I would like to write about how I achieved something that may be useful for myself or others. Still, it does not quite fit the content of my websites. I end up documenting scattered notes that never become public. Fortunately, I crossed this article on how to build a digital garden , which lead to a series of surprising discoveries.

This website is a digital garden

This website is meant to be a forever growing work in progress and is also known as a digital garden . Some of the notes you'll find here are incomplete or have mistakes. I am not ashamed of them. They are a way of learning. If you think you spotted something you don't agree with, or that is simply wrong, you can contact me , reach out to me on Twitter or through my e-mail .

No indexes

The idea of breaking with the mold of a blog is that there are no indexes, no categories, no chronological ordering. The only way to navigate this website is by following links . Some are orange, some are blue. The orange ones are internal links; the blue ones bring you to other websites.

On the other hand, each page has a list of the pages linking back to it. And there shouldn't be dead links. If I make a link to an empty page, it will be created automatically. This allows to have nodes between pages, and the tree becomes apparent even without explicit content.

On 20 October 2020 I started monitoring website visits using my own tracking service called Privalytics . After reflecting for a while, I thought that measuring the amount of guests different pages receive can be a boost for the motivation. However, if I feel that traffic pushes me in one or the other direction regarding my thinking or my writing, I will stop the experiment.

I love this kind of communication personally, but I suspect it also creates more invested, interesting followings over the long term. That effect’s probably related to Working on niche, personally-meaningful projects brings weirder, more serendipitous inbounds . It’s also a way to avoid the problems described in Pitching out corrupts within .


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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
This note you are reading is part of my digital garden. Follow the links to learn more, and remember that these notes evolve over time. After all, this website is not a blog.
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