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If you just want to have a glimpse, check out what am I doing now.

This website is not a blog, there is no index, no rss feed, no timeline. It was built as a way of learning in public. Most of the things you'll find in here are short notes, but some evolve into articles, over time.

The only way to navigate through the website is through links. If you want some starting points, you can check, for example, what I write:

If you are looking for a more traditional approach to a personal website, you can always head to Aquicarattino.com, my other website.

The newsletter

I opened the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter because I wanted to experiment with sharing what I have been doing and discovering. Since the website has no RSS feed, I thought it would be nice to be able to ping people with similar interests.

If you have any comments regarding what you read, you can reach me by email: hey@aquiles.me, or you can ping me via direct message on Twitter @aquicarattino.


These are the pages that link in here. If you are curious about why there is no pagination nor recommended articles, you can check our about page

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