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Physicist, Entrepreneur, and everything in between

I am a constant learner, focused entrepreneur, seeking positive impact in society and the world.

Scientific Entrepreneurship

Transforming knowledge generated within universities and academic labs into impactful, science-driven companies. Technology transfer is at the core of progress, but the path is poorly defined, and often not considered as a valid career path for young researchers.

Mentorship and consulting

One of the hardest challenges for starting entrepreneurs is finding reliable information and opinions. Mentoring is the best way of paying it forward, and to systematize knowledge accumulated over years.


With more than 10 years developing software for scientific instrumentation, I offer software trainings and consultancy. Both companies and universities around the world have benefited from this approach to knowledge transfer.

Aquiles carattino

About Me

I am a scientist exploring the entrepreneurial path. After my PhD I started my own project to do custom software development for research labs, which in turn lead to a book, and a series of workshops crafted for researchers.

In this exploration processes I partnered to start a high-tech company. We build solutions for researchers working in biotech, specifically in nanoparticle characterization.

Some of my achievements

Although metrics can be deceiving, these are some numbers to put me in perspective

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Things I've done

Selection of my projects

I have a broad range of interests, from scientific entrepreneurship to digital gardening. Below you can find some of the things I have done or that I am currently doing

I co-founded this hi-tech company in 2019. We focus in the characterization of nanoparticles using novel optical techniques. We started as a spinout from a Dutch university and we are currently innovating on our own products.
I self-published this book in an attempt to help scientists struggling with instrumentation. The core message revolves around best-practices accumulated over more then 10 years. The book is currently used in several university classes around the world.

A major achievement was to develop a method to measure temperature in extremely small scales. My thesis focused on studying the luminescence properties of gold nanoparticles under different conditions.

I’m working on this new book as the basis for a lengthier project. I want to give curious scientists the tools they need to overcome the barrier to become successful entrepreneurs.

Get In Touch With Me

Use the form to quickly reach out to me. I am always looking forward to having meaningful conversations, especially around topics such as scientific entrepreneurship, software instrumentation, and open-source.
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