Entrepreneurial Mindset for Scientists

When I started my first company, I brought with me my scientifically oriented way of thinking. I thought that objectivity and facts were enough to push forward. It took me a while to understand that scipreneurship requires a much more holistic approach to problem solving and opportunity identification.

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Doing things that can scale and balancing short and long term goals

Do things that can scale

Doing things that can scale is fundamental when they are part of the core of the business. The fine line between adaptability and growth is hard to navigate, but crucial for starting businesses.

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A scientist who is becoming an entreprenru

How to incentivize scipreneurship

Developing scipreneurial skills involves offering scientists opportunities for real-world practice and mentorship, along with creating a nurturing environment. This change is essential for fostering innovation and bridging the gap between science and business.

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A professor, a bit old, sits in front of an audience of people who listents to him.

Professors can enable scipreneurs

Professors can become enablers for the creation of startups without becoming entrepreneurs themselves. With their networks, access to grants, and institutional support, their value can revolve around softer aspects.

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AI generated image of scientists working on surface enhanced raman spectroscopy of extracellular vesicles

The path to Surface Enhanced Raman for exosome characterization

Extracellular Vesicles are a fascinating object of study. A paper in which they used #SERS to identify samples from cancer patients through machine-learning algorithms shows great promise, but raises many questions. Is there a path forward for using label-free methods with EV’s? I think so, but the tools are not there yet.

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