Helping others

Sharing the knowledge I've gathered

Over time, I have experienced and learned from a variety of things I’ve done. I believe in the importance of sharing knowledge. I am always open to discussing and offering advice.

Scientific Entrepreneurship

Transforming knowledge generated within universities and academic labs into impactful, science-driven companies. Technology transfer is at the core of progress, but the path is poorly defined, and often not considered as a valid career alternative for young researchers.

Mentorship and consulting

One of the hardest challenges for starting entrepreneurs is finding reliable information and opinions. Mentoring is the best way of paying it forward, and to systematize knowledge accumulated over years.


With more than 10 years developing software for scientific instrumentation, I offer software trainings and consultancy. Both companies and universities around the world have benefited from this approach to knowledge transfer.

my Process

How I tackle problems

It can be studying a business case, a software development problem, or a grant application. In all cases I build my approach by following a 3-step process

Problem understanding

I embed myself in the problem at hand in order to fully study it. I like sparring, asking tough questions, and thinking outside the box.


Learning from what has been done is the best way to prevent pitfalls. I am good at combining disconnected pieces of information in new ways.

Solution finding

I have good communication skills, ensuring a clear transfer of knowledge and understanding. Finding good solutions is always rewarding.