Dispertech: From the lab to the researcher

Dispertech focuses on translating technology developed in academia into products that can be used by researchers in other contexts.

In 2019 we created the company together with Sanli Faez in the role of scientific advisor, Hans Brouwer, and Steven Stan as business managers.

Our focus has been simplifying the operation of the device to make it accessible to other researchers, regardles of their background.

About the technology

We employ hollow optical fibers to guide light and confine the movement of the sample. This approach provides us with a double benefit: on the one hand we have a much lower background, thus allowing us to detect smaller particles, on the other the accuracy of the results is one or two orders of magnitude better than with other techniques.

My role in Dispertech

Since the beginning, I have been in charge of all the technical aspects related to building a product. I did the initial mechanical design to integrate the optics, I’ve developed the software both to acquire and analyze the data. I have also designed the electronics, and have been in charge of the business development.

In 2021 the team started to grow, which meant I took on the role of daily management. Since that moment I have been focusing on finding the product/market fit, and exploring other technologies that can help Dispertech develop with a portfolio of products.