Python for the Lab Workshops

I created the Python for the Lab series of courses to help researchers giving their first steps at instrumentation.

I have focused on three main topics:

  • Python for experimental data exploration
  • Best practices on Python for instrumentation
  • Bringing the coding skills to the next level

Clear, well structured, actionable

The three courses were designed to have clear objectives. I am a firm believer of necessity-driven learning, and therefore each lesson is organized knowing what problem are we addressing.

The workshops are organized at universities and companies alike. They are face to face, since the interaction among students is crucial for the success of the program

Python for the Lab - The Book

I wrote the book in order to make the content more accessible. You don’t need to be able to participate in one of the workshops to learn how to use Python to control your experiments.

The book covers exactly the same topics covered in the course Introduction to Python for the Lab.