If you are a young scientist, or an aspiring entrepreneur, I am here to help you. If you need advice and guidance over time, I can be your mentor.

I am good at communicating and understanding complex problems. I have a very broad set of skills, from physics to website development, from academic research to entrepreneurship.


I am eager to learn about your problem and help you overcome it as efficiently as possible. I am efficient, focused, and with a very broad skillset. I am not scared about saying “I don’t know”, and being fully transparent in the process.

Asking for help is the first step in getting things done with the lower number of mistakes. Let me know what are you struggling with and I’ll find a way to help you.


Get In Touch With Me

Use the form to quickly reach out to me. I am always looking forward to having meaningful conversations, especially around topics such as scientific entrepreneurship, software instrumentation, and open-source.