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Weekly read log (22/03/2021-28/03/2021)

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  • The Real Amazons = Overheard (National Geographic)
    • DNA testing proves that women warriors existed
  • The U$69 million JPEG - Planet Money
    • About the birth of NFT (Token non Fungible)
    • Read more: Techcrunch
  • Brood X: A Drug-fueled Cicada Orgy (Science VS)
  • Are you Ready for a Fresh Start (Freakonomics)
  • Happy Fed Independence Day (Planet Money)
  • Ciudad Infinita (Radio Ambulante)
    • La historia de un suizo que hizo uno de los primeros mapas de transporte de Lima
  • The New Shape of Pasta (Planet Money)
    • Interesting episode discussing how much it costs and takes making a new type of pasta.
  • Ribosomas, Antibióticos y el origen de la vida - Quilo de Ciencia
  • What Happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine? - BBC The Documentary

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