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Weekly read log (15/03/2021-21/03/2021)

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  • Mindscape: Justin Clarke-Doane on Mathematics, Morality, Objectivity, and Reality
    • Quite boring and long. Couldn't really get what the points they wanted to make were. Very basic insights on logic such as if a is b, and b is c, then a is c. Anyways.
  • The Documentary Podcast: The Saudis and the superpower.
    • Discussion on the role of the US policies with Saudi Arabia (especially revolving around the killing of Khashoggi). Nothing will change, regardless of who is the president of the US and whatever they say
  • 99% Invisible: Florence Nightingale Data Viz Pioneer
  • Science Vs: Immune Boosting: Is it a bust?
    • Short answer, yes. Except for doing some exercise (even a walk helps)
  • Quilo de Ciencia: Ébola explicado.
  • Ted Radio Hour: Life Stages of the Brain.


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