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initial considerations, no feedback from anyone else with a long-term view on feeds or digital gardens

Even though I think It's a pity that RSS feeds are fading away , and I do think blogs must implement feeds in order to keep open the possibilities of inter-connecting content, I wonder what is the role of a feed on a digital garden . In the same way I think comments on digital gardens are a topic to reflect upon, feeds do not necessarily represent what a digital garden is.

I thought about implementing a partial feed, for example by adding only articles listed on the homepage. However, this makes the feed very partial, and creates an implicit 'write-edit-publish' cycle that I was trying to avoid (see lower the barrier to writing , lower the barrier to publishing ).

Feeds, on the other hand, are a very simple way of creating inter-domain transclusions . However, I wonder whether each note should have a separated feed, so we could connect to very specific updates, perhaps with a gittish flavor. Combining this with webmentions could become an incredible powerful tool, without the need for centralizing information.

Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
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