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This website tries to respect the maximum possible user privacy online .

Last Meaningful Update: October 20 - 2020

Tracking page visits without storing personal information

I started monitoring the visits to each page as of October 20, 2020. There is a short discussion on the about page. The visits are monitored by a service I wrote myself, and therefore I fully own the data generated. Moreover, the system was designed to avoid recording personally identifiable information such as geo-location, IP address, or specific browser data. I don't use cookies.


Every page has a comment form that can be used to communicate directly with me or other guests. Filling the comment is completely optional. The service relies on Github to filter spam, and comments are stored as issues on the repository of this website. Comments will be associated with Github user accounts, and users are free to delete or update them at any time.

The newsletter

I have paused the newsletter after serious concerns regarding Substack privacy policy , and their scooping data policy .


The website overall does not store any cookies on your compute.


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Privacy Policy
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