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Principles of effective management

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There are 8 principles developed by Kotter that define when a manager is unable to perform changes in the organization where they work:

  • create a sense of urgency
    • Communicate the importance of acting quickly
  • build a guiding coalition
  • form a strategic vision and initiatives
    • Explain how the future is different from the past and what things are possible to reach there.
  • enlist a volunteer army
    • Communicate your vision so that others can join. This relates to making big changes in an organization, but can also be useful to gather momentum when starting.
  • enable action by removing barriers
    • Remove silos and work across domains. Empower people to act by themselves.
  • generate short-term wins
    • Show, recognize, communicate. They are a powerful driving force.
  • sustain acceleration
    • Press harder after success. Be relentless. Be mindful of your increase in credibility to further drive changes
  • institute change
    • Make the link between the new habits and the organizational success. Be sure to cement the new behavior such that it persists in the organization.


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