incremental change can lead to undesired outcomes

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If we think about interfaces such as a keyboard, it is reasonable to assume people would not want radical changes. Getting used to a layout other than the one you already have (be it QWERTY or other) has a big friction. And this is a problem: QWERTY was developed with the type-writer in mind. Computers do not have the same limitations, nor the same goals.

A clear example are games that are supposed to be played with the letters W-A-S-D that are not in an optimal position. The keyboard evolved to touch-screens, keeping the same layout. Even though it can be a valid decision for people used to typing, for persons who are exposed for the first time to a keyboard through a touch-screen may not be an optimal solution.

The need for continuity can push the development of solutions that are far from what is technologically possible, and potentially better, in many aspects.

Can it be that this incremental change is one of the reasons why the web does not resemble the memex?

Also, incremental change leads to unsustainable educational paradigms.

Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
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