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(2019-present) Co-founder, technical lead

Python for the Lab

(2017-Present) Workshop Organizer and consultant

PhD in Physics

(2012-2016) Study of gold nanoparticles


(2011-2012) Research Assistant

Microscopy and Instrumentation
Project management
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Physicist, entrepreneur, and everything in between

I am a scientist at heart. I am driven by curiosity, the seek for innovation, and out of the box thinking. I am interested in applying knowledge across domains, to push basic research forward and create an impact on society.

I consider myself a polymath, drawn to many different lines of enquire. My digital garden is the manifestation of this process. I am interested in developing tools to speed up drug discovery and diagnosis.

I believe in the value of paying it forward through education (such as by organizing workshops), mentorship, or just by engaging in meaningful discussions with a diverse group of people.

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I’m always interested in getting to know people with whom I can share some interests. If you are a scientist wanting to explore about entrepreneurship, discuss about open-hardware, or anything related to Python for Instrumentation, just use the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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