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@Fo2020Tracking and Analyzing the Brownian Motion of Nano-objects Inside Hollow Core Fibers claims that they can measure size of nanoparticles with an accuracy of just 8nm per particle. However, they claim that their tracks are not long enough to measure diameter in 41% of the cases. I wonder if in the remaining 59% of the analyzed tracks can be good enough as to claim such a small error. They have relied too much on Trackpy, which makes me wonder whether they have enough understanding of the inner workings.

Also, they develop a method of time-weighted histogram building in order to prioritize particles with a longer track. However, there is no mention to the Walker algorithm, which makes me believe the group is not up-to-date regarding nanoparticle tracking analysis techniques.

Tags: #nanoparticle-tracking-in-channels #nanoparticle-diameter-accuracy


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